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The Truth About Hypnosis

While hypnosis was deemed medically valid by the American Medical Association in 1958, a precise definition remains sketchy. According to the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH) in Bloomingdale, Illinois, entering hypnosis means shifting into an altered state of mind that's relaxed, focused, and marked by a heightened receptivity to suggestions compatible with a person's goals and desires.

Does it work for everyone?

According to the ASCH, about 15% of people are highly hypnotizable, 60% are moderately hypnotizable, and about 25% have difficulty being hypnotized. "The greater the person's capacity for imagination and the more willing she is to enter hypnosis, the greater the chances of success," says Fred Frankel, M.D., a professor emeritus of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.

  • Past Life Regression & Therapy
  • Dream Therapy
  • Concentration Increase
  • Emotional Empowerment Technique
  • Emotional Management
  • What can Hypnosis Do For Us

Just about anything you sincerely want it to do. Hypnosis is a practical, effective way of developing or retraining lifelong attitudes and behavioral patterns. The list of applications is long, but most items will generally fall into the following categories:

  • Controlling Weight and Improving Health
  • Managing Pain and Relieving Stress
  • Changing Unwanted Behavioral Patterns
  • Overcoming Irrational Fears
  • Achieving Goals and Improving Performance
  • Weight Management

The inability to control weight is probably the number one reason most people enlist the services of a hypnotherapist. Often, hypnosis is a last-ditch effort to get back on track after all other methods have failed. By that time, the problem is often compounded by feelings of shame and frustration that diets and pep talks can't relieve. Hypnosis is effective not only because it identifies the subconscious triggers for overeating, but also because it provides an alternative pattern for changing the behavior. The same method of discovery and redirection applies to any kind of unwanted behavior - from simple shyness to phobias to unsatisfactory relationships.

Freedom from Fears and Phobias

All of us, at different stages of our lives, have or are still experiencing various fears and phobias. Most of these can be traced back to unpleasant experiences that we have had in the past across time and space. Our approach offers a very comprehensive resolution to these painful emotions. No. of Sessions: 3-5 sessions.

Towards Positive Self Esteem

Self esteem determines how we can choose to see ourselves as subsequently our environment mirrors that belief. We help you strategically orient your belief/self image to attract a desired response from the environment. No. of Sessions: 4 Sessions

Conflict Resolution & Decision Making

Conflict can sap your energies and restrict you from moving forward in life. Our therapists help you consult your subconscious mind to check out the aftermath of these decisions so that making an informed choice becomes an easy process. No. of Sessions: 4 Sessions


Stress is like a guitar string. Drawing that string too tight can cause the string to snap, or lead a person to have a breakdown. Slight amount of stress is needed for optimal productivity whereas excess of stress can lead to a mental breakdown and physical illness. We help you identify the root cause for destructive levels of stress and equip you with the techniques to handle it well on an ongoing basis. No. of Sessions: 3-4

Self Confidence Hypnotherapy

If you do not care when people are noticing you blush, you tend to blush less often. If you do not care what people think about you, it is much easier to be confident in a crowd. If you are comfortable about the possibility of mucking up your speech, it is much easier to relax and connect with the audience. If you do not mind a bit of rejection, it is a lot easier to relax when you ask that attractive person out for a date.Hypnotherapy will help you achieve just that. In a matter of just few session see the remarkable difference in the person you are.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Finding out the reasons for a compulsive need to perform certain things in a specific manner repeatedly, healing it and achieving freedom this distressing habit, is completely in your hands. No. of Sessions: 5 sessions

What We Offer:

Hypnosis Session

Past Life Regression

Self Hypnosis


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