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Hypnosis Session

" The interview "

When you first arrive for your session, Joydev will spend some time talking with you about the issues you want to address. At this time you can ask questions and express any concerns you may have about the process of hypnosis. You will be assured that you will not be prompted to say or do anything you would object to when you are in the hypnotic state, nor will you consent to anything with which you are not in complete agreement.

During the induction period, Joydev uses gentle relaxation methods to guide you into the altered state of consciousness you know as a trance. (Sorry - no ticking pocket watches!) Your nerves and muscles will start to release their tension and your everyday concerns begin to drift away. Eventually you reach a state of complete body relaxation with a heightened awareness of your inner being. Although you can remain conscious of your surroundings, you will choose to ignore any distractions because this tranquil feeling is so enjoyable. Some people have described the experience as euphoric; others have just said it is indescribable. Everyone seems to find it extremely interesting.

"Induction" Doing the Work Once you have reached the hypnotic state, the work begins. With your interview as a starting point, Joydev uses various techniques to obtain the appropriate information from your subconscious mind, then offers targeted suggestions for dealing with the selected issues. The techniques may include guided imagery, "parts" therapy, age regression and perhaps even past life recall, depending on your beliefs and the possibility of its effectiveness for you. You can read more about these techniques by clicking on the "Techniques" button on the left side of your screen.

"Completion" Although you are generally not very conscious of time during a session, Joydev can sense when enough work has been accomplished for the day. At that time, you are slowly brought out of the hypnotic state. You will feel relaxed but invigorated. After a brief discussion of your experience, Joydev sends you home with a CD recording of your session. Listening daily to the CD lets you recall the issues covered and gives you constant reinforcement of the suggestions provided.


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