Vastu segment plots into different types of grades to represent Excellent, Good, Average and Bad plot. Grading of plots is often done after scanning through barren or open plots.There are four grades in a Vastu plot according to which every site is addressed:



Grade I Plot: Excellent

‘A’ grade plot is also called excellent plot which conforms entirely with Vastu norms while minor Vastu defect or dosh is negligible. Excellent plot is said to have everything on its place and in right direction.These plots are always considered prime plots. People are always considered lucky to own such plots.
The way to judge is by observing roads on all four sides of the plot. It will also be great if the plots are in a square or rectangular shape. They must also have a slope towards the eastern and northern sides. These plots could always have hills, tall buildings on the western and southern sides. These plots are often called as Bramha Stavam. Lands on all four sides will bring in lots of positivity. Plots that have road on the east and northern directions which could possibly extend to the north-eastern directions are called first grade plots. The roads, ponds or lakes on the Northern or Eastern side could also be very auspicious.


Grade II Plot: Good

‘B’ grade plot is said to be constructed with some flaws but more with Vastu norms and some defects can be ignored while others can be rectified.These plots will have low lying roads on the eastern and western directions. These plots have their slopes or a river on the East.

The possibility of roads on the northern and southern side will also be considered auspicious. You would often find the slopes of such plots to face northwards. Such plots also tend to have hills and mountains towards the southern direction. If the plot only has one road towards the northern and eastern direction, it would still fall under the second grade. The road on the western side will definitely be lower than the roads facing northern or eastern directions.


Grade III Plot: Average

‘C’ grade plot is also named as Average because in this type of plot there are some Vastu defects in terms of location and placement of different section of house in wrong direction.Mostly grading of plots follows any particular pattern. Some plots might have a downward slope which might either face the western side or eastern side.
These plots could very well have a downward facing slope on the eastern direction. They might end up having buildings and mountains towards the western or southern directions. Some plots also have mountains facing the eastern direction whereas roads could be facing northern, western or southern directions.

Grade IV Plot: Bad

D grade plot is considered as worst plot according to Vastu and must be given Vastu treatment by rectifying the defects as soon as they are determined. These plots will only have one road which would normally face the Southern or Western direction. The roads would normally face south or at the max east.

These plots will also have hills and tall buildings on the eastern, northern or western zones. Most of these plots will have roads simultaneously attached to the Northern or Southern directions. A downward slope would be essential towards the Southern zone of such plots. You will also notice a river or some kind of valley towards the Southern direction. You could observe roads with an oblique cut towards the South-western or South-eastern direction.

For any queries in case your plots falls under Grade III or Grade IV type please contact us