When it comes to a city life, there is no longer room for big houses, luxurious parking spaces, backyards, and pavements leading to the main entrance. All of that has been replaced by multi-unit high rise buildings with balconies for backyards and lifts for pavements! However, it isn’t so bad! Living in an apartment has its own advantages, given the flat is built as per the norms set by vaastu shaastra.


Ideal Directions Of Rooms In A Flat
Room Idea Direction According to Vastu Comments
Master Bedroom Southwest corner If your flat has more than one floor then make sure the master bedroom is on the top floor.
Children’s room Northwest corner Not Applicable
Bathroom West or South Bathroom drains must always flow in the north-east
Drawing room Northwest Furnishings must be placed in the south and west directions
 Kitchen  South East  The cook must always face east when cooking
 Study Room  Northeast, Northwest, North, West, East corners  Make sure the study room and pooja rooms are adjacent to one other. This is considered very auspicious
 Store Room  Southern part of the building  Grain and other supplies should be stocked inside the kitchen or in any other room
 Wastes from the kitchen  South West Corner of the kitchen  The Waste Bins must always be kept covered.
 Doors  North & East  The waves that rise from the doors influence the mind of the person entering from the door.
Guest Room  North West  The room in northwest is also considered to be very auspicious for unmarried girls
 Puja Room North East
 Windows  East & North  Eastern & Northern Side of the Building.
Balconies  North, East Or North- East  Eastern balcony is very auspicious according to Vastu